Does anyone miss the laughter and simplicity of childhood? If you ask me, of course I do. I miss the days when all I had to worry about was eating my favorite meal and watching my favorite TV shows (cartoons most times). I miss the days when I didn’t have to worry about taking responsibilities or paying bills and how all my needs were met on time just by shedding a few tears. Well, of course, who wouldn’t miss that? No one can deny how exhausting adulthood could be as it comes with some much responsibilities and problems but we all don’t have a choice than to keep growing. The fear of growing up and becoming an adult is very natural, therefore at some point, you will be expected by your peers or elders to be an adult rather than looking for ways to shy away from your responsibilities. In my own opinion, I think the use of the word “adulting” has been completely misused or let me say overemphasized. There is a complete difference between “Adulting” and “Adulthood”.

Adulting means to do grown up things and hold responsibilities. It could also mean doing things that are expected of grown-ups or doing what actual adults do such as paying bills and taking certain responsibilities without needing help. “Adulthood” on the other hand to me means the stage of grow up to taking responsibilities. The term “adulting” is usually used by people who are going through major life stages such as marriage, building houses, getting well-paid jobs and so on at earlier ages than their previous generations. To be honest, everyone has to grow up sooner or later so why putting it off by adulting instead of just being an adult. It may not always be an easy process or you may not get it right all the time but half of being an adult involves trying and working towards it. Adulting undermines not only your success but also your abilities and the fact that the society also contributes to this in a certain way doesn’t help, for example, most organizations both in Nigeria and outside prefer to employ people in their 20s and only a few employ from the age range starting from 30 especially those over 35 because they feel they are over aged for the job. I think we just have to grow up, be proud and spend less time posting our adult like responsibilities as triumphs. Congratulating yourself especially on social media for doing something that is expected of you makes you look childish and as though you are expecting some kind of pat on your back which you are not going to get because everyone does the same. Real adulthood is expected to be interesting, intriguing and independent filled, which is completely different from adulting. We all have been compelled to live our lives in a certain kind way in which we have been made to believe that it’s good for the society (adulting).

So back to the question, CAN WE QUIT ADULTING? Oh yes! We can. However, quitting adulting doesn’t mean staying completely away from responsibilities but quite the opposite. Real adulthood requires dedicated and passionate responsibility for your own life. It also entails taking complete charge of your happiness. Adulting does not give room for self-discovery or finding purpose to your own life or freedom to be who you want to be, it’s meant to help you live your life the way the society wants you to. Be in total control of your own life, you shouldn’t have to blame anyone for whatever shitty decisions you make, be responsible for your own actions, that’s what adulthood is about. Real adulthood also involves your ability to unravel yourself; you must be able to evaluate how your life, jobs, relationships and habit makes you feel. Becoming an adult is not an easy thing, I mean it’s a lot of work and it takes a lot of courage and determination to do so, it also comes with so much judgments but it is the only way to live a very happy and fulfilled life. The truth is you don’t have to have it all figured out at once because no one really does, but taking it a day at a time would get you closer to your goals.

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