20180626_095848_0001If wishes were horses, beggars would have one” they say or let me say that’s the general believe.  As a child, I think we have all had things we wanted to do, places we wanted to visit and so on in which some, we were able to achieve and some we weren’t.  But as I grew up, I started feeling like having bucket lists were completely cliché, I always thought this was just a me thing but until  I had met others who shared the same opinion like I did, trust me you are never alone with anything in this life.  So sometimes last year, just out of boredom (the things boredom can make you do!) and the urge to get out of my comfort zone, I started researching about different places in the world that I could visit with the little money I had in account, but unfortunately none!, I just kept on researching and fantasizing about these places and it was then I discovered that there are so many beautiful places in this world a lot of people like me didn’t know about. I remember I was then having a conversation with a group friend about this and that was when the issue of making a travel bucket list came up again. I told them how I felt about it but one of my friends insisted that I should give it a trial.


Early this year, while I was making a list of the things I wanted to do, I decided to make a separate list for travel. Well since I don’t have a well-paid job yet, I thought I should narrow the list down to the number of countries I wanted to visit before I clock 30 so that I could make a proper plan for them hopefully. By this time I had not so much idea about how I was going to start but I would just stare at the list every day and keep reminding myself how much visiting these places before 30 would make me happy.. So this faithful morning, I was just scrolling through my instagram page as usual where I came about this travel blog her page inspires me a lot.. I went through the blog and there were lots of helpful tips about achieving your travel dreams which I would be sharing with you guys at the end of the page.

The 30 places on my bucket list are:

  1. Santorini, Greece
  2. Austria
  3. Japan, Tokyo
  4. Paris
  5. Bali, Indonesia
  6. Morocco
  7. Puerto-Rico
  8. Philippines
  9. Costa Rica
  10. China
  11. Kenya
  12. Maldives
  13. Seychelles
  14. Dubai
  15. South-Africa
  16. Portugal
  17. Switzerland
  18. Bahamas
  19. Bermuda
  20. Germany
  21. Jamaica
  22. Hawaii
  23. Mauritius
  24. Mexico
  25. Ethiopia
  26. Croatia
  27. Cuba
  28. Turks and Caicos Island
  29. Thailand
  30. Portugal

However, it’s not just about having a bucket list, it also about how you are working towards ticking these places off your bucket list which includes having money in your bank account that could take you through this journey. If you already have this ensure you make enough research about the place(s) you are visiting, especially if you are solo traveling.


Few Tips to achieving the things on your bucket list:

  • Be intentional! Part of the things have learnt from my research is that you have to be serious about your plans. It’s not just about writing them down or daydreaming about it, you also have to figure out a way to make your plans work.
  • Spend less, save more: based on my research, I would advise anyone who wants to explore the world like I do to learn the habit of saving as it would bring you closer to your goals (money wise). Try opening a separate account just for savings alone (travel) and be consistent. Cut away unnecessary expenses, like before you buy that shoe or bag or dress, ask yourself “do I need this” if your answer is no then put the money straight way into your travel savings.
  • Decide the place you want to go and make proper plans and research before leaving. Ensure to stay within your budgets if you are budget traveling and make sure to find out whether your destination requires visa or not. Once you have enough money for your destination, book that ticket without looking back!
  • Use apps that let you have much idea about your trip including your to and fro ticket cost. Also ensure to book for proper accommodation before leaving for your destination.


 The experiences you get from visiting new places is something you can never trade for anything in this life. Dalia Lama said “Once a year, go someplace you have never been before”. If you are someone like me who has the urge to explore the world, or you have places on your bucket list you still haven’t visited yet, kindly share your views with me view email: or leave a comment in the comment section.

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Hi guys, welcome to the diary of this socially awkward naija girl. I love telling stories based on individual and personal experiences. This blog was created anonymously for the purpose of letting things out just the way they are. I look forward to meeting you all on this journey with me.

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