Call me J.J.C (Jolie Just Come)

Jjc is a name people call you when you are new to a certain environment.

Hi lovelies! Welcome to my blog, feels like ages since have been here but it’s only been a week or two. Well I had just recently moved to a new environment in search of greener pastures, don’t get me wrong, I’m aware of the popular say that “the grass is greener where you water it”, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea for you to move your grass from where it used to be (comfort zone) to a more fertile soil… Say yaayyy!! If you agree with me.

Moving into a completely different environment hasn’t been the easiest decision I have had to make so far, to think that it was something I was looking forward to and I was so excited about but it’s been a lot of struggle, going out, getting to know places and all of that.

I personally believe that moving to a new place comes with so much blessings especially the fact that it completely pushes out of your comfort zone, though it’s not always easy at the beginning, like I haven’t had the best of my stay here but m gradually adjusting to the way of life as it’s completely different from the life I was used to.

However there are a lot of struggle and stress that comes with it as well, so if you intend moving anytime, as you are filling your mind with all forms of good things that could come with it, you need to know that there would be some challenges you would come across before you get to the good part.

Here are a few challenges based on experience …..

1. You are constantly lost: I can’t even remember the number of times I have missed my road because of the fact that the roads have similar names and also look alike.

2. You spend so much money on transport. The moment the drivers know that you have know idea of where you are going, they would bill you heavily for it. Like a few days ago, I was going somewhere and I wasn’t sure of my way which I told the cab man, it was until I got there I realized I was over billed because the distance from where I took the cab from to where I alighted wasn’t even worth the amount of money he charged, I was pained tho but agreement is agreement yh?

3. You are constantly stressed out. I come home everyday tired from all the day drama, missing my way and all.

4. The indigens of the place charge you double or triple the actual price of whatever items you are purchasing from them. The other day when I went to get somethings at the market, The woman I wanted to buy something from for some reasons I don’t know doubled the price of an item she just sold to someone that was beside me, maybe she thought I didn’t her mention the actual price, I just walked out on her because her attitude at that moment just pissed me off. One lesson have learnt, “when you are in a new environment, shine your eyes well” do this often and thank me later.

These are basically the few pros I have experienced so far, and I would be sure to take you along with this journey of mine and also share with you guys when I start living my best life in my new environment.

Have you ever had to move to a completely different place before? If yes, what was it like?, I would like to hear from, please do leave a comment below the comment section, we deserve a glass of wine for taking this bold step😉

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Hi guys, welcome to the diary of this socially awkward naija girl. I love telling stories based on individual and personal experiences. This blog was created anonymously for the purpose of letting things out just the way they are. I look forward to meeting you all on this journey with me.

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