Insecurity according to the dictionary means uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence. We have all been insecure about something or even ourselves at some point in our lives. It’s very normal to that insecure every once in a while about something or your relationship but it’s not ok to let the feeling get the best of you because it generally hinders success. You can never achieve anything if you are too insecure about your flaws, what you do or even your relationship. Insecurity takes away your inner peace and most times robs you of your happiness. Insecurities steps in the moment you start feeling less of yourself.

However, whenever you feel insecure, just know that:

  1. It’s ok to feel insecure

Whenever you feel insecure about yourself or your partner just know that its ok to feel that way, beating yourself up about it won’t make your situation better but rather accepting it would.

  1. Everyone deals with insecurity

My experiences in life has thought me that you are never alone in anything you are passing through, you would sometimes think yours is the worst not until you listen to other people’s stories. So if you ever find yourself thinking that you are the only with insecurities or yours is worse than any other person’s own, I’m here to tell you that you are not alone.

  1. Don’t let your insecurities make you feel less of yourself

Never allow your insecurities to make you feel less of a person. Always know that it’s just a feeling and it would pass, so allow yourself to feel whatever it is you need to feel but don’t be so hard on yourself about it.

  1. Turn your insecurities into motivation

Let your insecurities make you a better version of yourself, so rather than sulking over it, do the things you are afraid of doing it would go a long way in boosting your self-confidence. It’s better to do it afraid than not to do it at all.

  1. It’s ok to have re-occurrences

Insecurity is a constant battle for most of us, but the ability to constantly overcome it and make the most of it is what matters. Overcoming it constantly helps in the long run to develop yourself in a way that the things you used to be insecure about won’t even matter anymore or you just stop feeling little or no insecurities about them.

  1. You can be insecure and still love yourself

One of the most important things to living a fulfilled life is your ability to find a balance n whatever situation life throws at you. So while you are feeling insecure about yourself or something, you could still love yourself in the process. Self-care and self-love are two underrated words, you have to learn to love yourself more during/ in spite your insecurities.

  1. Record your good days

Express your good days in a journal or through voice recordings so that you can make references to them on the days you are feeling insecure. I often write my good days down in my dairy so that m able to go back to them on the days I feel insecure. I also believe that writing is very therapeutic, so whenever you are feeling some kind of way about yourself whether good or bad, be sure to write them down.

  1. Stay away from all forms of negativity around you.

Some people could just be naturally toxic to your life and it’s very important to distance yourself from such kind of people because they would only make your situation worse. Have been doing that a lot lately as well, I cut ties from anyone who is making feel less of myself like almost immediately, yes I know it’s not easy, but remember that self-care isn’t selfish.

  1. Listen to music

There is so much power in music that is beyond our imagination. Whenever you start feeling some kind of way about yourself, or something, listen to music, especially the soul lifting ones, trust me it helps. You can also watch comedy or listen to just anything that makes you feel good/better about yourself.

  1. Take proper care of your body, guard your space and choose what you spend on or who you spend your time with.


Dear reader(s), I hope you enjoyed this post, how do you deal with your insecurities?? Would like to hear from you, please be sure to leave a comment below.

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Hi guys, welcome to the diary of this socially awkward naija girl. I love telling stories based on individual and personal experiences. This blog was created anonymously for the purpose of letting things out just the way they are. I look forward to meeting you all on this journey with me.


  1. This is really good! I’ve been scolded for feeling insecure,until I met my best friend who told me the exact same thing you’ve written, it’s okay to feel insecure.
    She helped me through it,made me feel really special and now whenever I feel insecure about anything, I just tell myself really positive things about myself and it’s been really helpful.


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