Childhood Memories

The lyrics of this song was always in those lyrics books those igbo boys used to sell that year. I remember how I would stay awake in the night to learn the lyrics until I knew it well. If you could sing this song well that time in my school, especially the rap part, then you are the real MVP!. So many childhood memories attached to this song, and I once got beaten for it because my mum once caught me listening to it under the bed with someone’s mp3 abi that disc player, can’t remember which one and (taking other people’s things home from school is a crime in house. My mum beat me that night and dragged me by my ears to school the next day😭😭, very terrible experience.
But where is Weirdmc now tho?
What childhood memory earned you the beating of your life?

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Hi guys, welcome to the diary of this socially awkward naija girl. I love telling stories based on individual and personal experiences. This blog was created anonymously for the purpose of letting things out just the way they are. I look forward to meeting you all on this journey with me.

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