OWAMBE SHENANIGANS: I Wasn’t Served Part-jollof, Even With My Aso-ebi.

I always thought people who claim they weren’t served food at weddings were lying until I experienced it myself. The general idea of buying aso-ebi for any nigerian wedding is so you get served at the event but the trick didn’t work this time. OH Lord! No-one deserves such heart break. You would think relationship heartbreaks are worst, try attending a party and you don’t get served. The couples getting married were not in any way my friends but friend’s friends, I was the #associationofmogbomobranchnigerialimited. My friend stood on my neck making sure I bought the aso-ebi because she needed someone to follow her. The aso-ebi was quite beautiful and affordable so why not plus I had been eyeing one of those Bella naija style inspiration on my phone and the fabric looked perfect for it. My tailor didn’t even dissapoint, my dress was ready a few days to the event. A week to event, my friend and I had paid my make up artist, bought new clutch and shoes, because according to her, it was all these rich people’s wedding so we can’t afford to look like servers at the event plus who knows we might find rich husbands too. My expensive designer perfume was going to finish close to that period so I had stopped using it just to save the rest for that event. My friend came to my house for a sleep over since my place was closer to the venue, we slept very early the night before so we don’t wake up with swollen eyes the next morning. We were already awake by 5am because the makeup artist had given us appointment for 9am claiming she also has an event she couldn’t be late for. We got to the Mua’s shop on time so we were just in time. Dammmnn!! Our makeup was on fleekkk, the bronzer on our faces would blind the devil, our gele was #operationstayofftheway.The aim was to meet them at the reception because I’m not a fan of church wedding service (I think I would scrap off on my wedding day). My friend’s car AC was on to keep our makeup intact. By the time we got to the reception, people were already coming from church too so we were just in time. We sat at the back at first, when they started sharing food, it wasn’t looking like food would get to us anytime soon, so my friend suggested we moved forward. After we left for the front sit, people at the front sit already took all the goodies on the table so we were left with nothing and worst part, the servers were serving according to rows due to the way the hall was arranged, so any row they serve and pass they don’t go back there, maybe until after other rolls had already been served (the party wasn’t one of those eat, belleful and take home naija parties), I don’t know why it was so or maybe the servers were hurding the food. Me I was getting hungry already, nothing was coming forth, my friend suggested we move to the back again, but I wasn’t ready to do that long walk, some people were looking at us already, because with the way we dressed, if you didn’t want to notice us, you would just have to, my perfume alone would slap sense into you. We just sat there hoping for some miracle, then a lady (who must have seen our hungry faces) gave us drinks and small chops and that was the only thing we ate at that wedding, we left afterwards. It something that should never happen to anyone, when hunger wanted to finish me, even my gele was starting to feel like thorns on my head. We were even too hungry to look for potential husband.
The bride apologized to my friend later, saying a lot of people complained of the same thing because the servers kept most of the portion of the food to themselves, but it’s something I would never forget.

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Hi guys, welcome to the diary of this socially awkward naija girl. I love telling stories based on individual and personal experiences. This blog was created anonymously for the purpose of letting things out just the way they are. I look forward to meeting you all on this journey with me.

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